Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Skulls and Crowns

Republic Crafted skulls and crowns print shirt, H&M leather look brown shorts, No brand sandals

The bleached effect.. something common for professionals but even if I have tried it before, I just fell for it right now and it feels so new to me. I don't post anything without editing as I try to bring the best out of a photo the way I think it will look the best. Maybe sometimes I go too far but who cares. This is beauty in my vision. :)
I realised that I have a huge passion for photography and like on other cases I like to learn things my way. I enjoy taking photos of my friends and family and I know even if I'm not doing a great job all the time I find my magic tools at home to do all the tricks.
And of course my mum is the best photographer in the world.. who knew! :P

Black and gold. Outfit post and cool wall projections

River Island satin and lace top
Next leather mini skirt,
Bag Modalu London
Topshop Ava lace up black & gold peep toe boots
Jewelry self made

Quick outfit post from Sunday evening and some cool wall projections just above the terrace where I spent a lovely evening with an old friend, chatting and catching up.

I've been quite busy lately and I promise to add more photos soon, I have lots of other pictures with different outfits but I have had no time to check them yet.. as unfortunately I don't look good in all the photos so I can't just add any of them. :)

The necklace and bracelet where hand made by me out of brass, during a 10 weeks jewelry making course I took last winter. I hope to make much more in the future as I realy enjoyed creating something original for myself and learning the skills and technique's needed, as I would love to make my own costume jewelry.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


New Look roses print dress 

Maybe too many pictures but it was hard to decide. :) 
I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem but most of the time when I have lots of photos to choose from I find it difficult to decide what to post.

I got this cute dress from New Look a few years ago and I was happy to find it in my summer clothes that I keep here at my parents house.  I have my wardrobe split in two as I spend most of my summers here.

It's a bit annoying when I want to wear something and I remember it's in another country.. but it's also fun to discover them again and again. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Aztec print

Title Unknown Vintage Africa Tee from Urban Outfitters
Internacionale Aztec print trousers
River Island sandals
Topshop large disc earrings and belt
Stradivarius hat
Topshop hair pins with feathers

The last photos from UK before I went to Romania and the first sunny day after all that rain. Here is so hot that you can hardly breathe. 

I haven't purchased from Internacionale before and I'm happy with this pair of aztec print trousers, they feel quite light and easy to wear. 
When it comes to shopping Stradivarius is one of my top choices when I'm in Romania and I miss it when I'm back to UK. I find it quite similar to Pull and Bear. I love all the denim, cool knits, cute tops and scarves. I hope their website start to ship to the UK as well.

I hope you have a great week ahead! x

Aztec prints:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wild at heart

Zara Tiger print shirt and gold sequin clutch bag, H&M asymmetric white skirt, River Island heels, Topshop cameo necklace, Mixes bracelets in gold and silver tones

The Afrocentric Trend was seen a lot on the designers catwalks for Spring/Summer 2012 and I believe I finally found the perfect animal print and embraced the trend. 
I'm a bit picky when it comes to animal prints, mostly on leopard prints but when I found this wild tiger in Zara I decided to catch it!
Leopards have amazing coat colours and patterns but on the high street you can hardly find a beautiful leopard print, they must print it wrong! :)

Get a similar look:

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kissing swans

Sugarhill Boutique Kissing Swans Shift Dress, Vintage clutch bag, Mixed bracelets, New Look flower hair pins

I'm flying to Romania in the morning, I'm going to spend my summer there with my parents and enjoy the sunshine. Yay!!!  I'm very excited!  I will miss the sea but better sun with no sea than sea with no sun. 
I lined up another outfit for tomorrow just in case I have any problems with my connection, won't be the first time.  
Its going to be fun to see how my mum manages to take pictures of my outfits.  If I'm not posting anything for few months you know why. :)
And thank you so much for all the lovely comments I really appreciate them all ! x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Cardi crush

Thoshop slubby cardigan
Accessorize beaded fringe bag ~ last seen here

My favourite cardigan at the moment, very cosy and easy to wear with almost everything.
It's quite useful to have one in a neutral tone to go with most things and good for those days when it's not cold or hot enough. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Inspiration: Indy star shorts by Gina Tricot

original photo credit: poccaa, edited by me

Today's inspiration: Cut out some stars into your shorts! 
Indy star shorts by Gina Tricot but not available in the UK. :( 
Oh well... I have to do that myself! 

The cap! My first personality hat!

River Island cap and top
Zara military khaki shirt
Oasis skinny jeans
 Hunter Regent Wellington Boots and  Classic Hunter here
Mischa bag
 BarryM nail paint Bright purple nr. 303

"I myself have 12 hats, and each one represents a different personality." (Margaret Atwood)

I'm a huge fan of quotes! If you read my other posts you probably noticed that already, plus they always give me ideas, like the one above just did.
 I found a hat! The cap! 11 more to go! :)
I often find myself believing that I have 2 personalities but 12?! That would be quite scary! It's easy to find another 11 hats but I'm afraid I can't find another 11 personalities in myself. 

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