Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Black and gold. Outfit post and cool wall projections

River Island satin and lace top
Next leather mini skirt,
Bag Modalu London
Topshop Ava lace up black & gold peep toe boots
Jewelry self made

Quick outfit post from Sunday evening and some cool wall projections just above the terrace where I spent a lovely evening with an old friend, chatting and catching up.

I've been quite busy lately and I promise to add more photos soon, I have lots of other pictures with different outfits but I have had no time to check them yet.. as unfortunately I don't look good in all the photos so I can't just add any of them. :)

The necklace and bracelet where hand made by me out of brass, during a 10 weeks jewelry making course I took last winter. I hope to make much more in the future as I realy enjoyed creating something original for myself and learning the skills and technique's needed, as I would love to make my own costume jewelry.


  1. Gorgeous as always... :D I love jewelry making, if i could i'd make so much more. Love the total black outfit.

  2. lovely , u are a genius! You have designed it to perfection !
    Keep Smiling:D

  3. just found your blog! I LOVE IT!!! x


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