Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bohemian fringes & my own design

Topshop fringed sheer kimono
H&M leather look brown short
River Island lace up shoes 
Self made corset

The bohemian look and all the fringes that I promised and I finally had the time to edit the pics.

Maybe its about time to tell you a little secret. :)
I've been designing clothes since I was 16 and I made a living out of it 6 years later when I started to sell my own stuff in my parents shop. 
I loved to do things for myself that no one else could have a try to be different. That corset is some of my work, that I made 7 years ago for a special event, that's why I remember when it was made. :)
It took me 4 days to create because the hand made sewing adding the lace and the ribbons to cover the stitches. It was hard work as I never made corsets before. It's easy to make a boob tube but hard to create the cups and everything for a corset.

I've learned sewing and cutting in my own way without any help from anyone, I have done lots of mistakes but I've learned from them. 
Before I moved to the UK I ended up working as a designer for a small company after I gave one of my friends a dress to wear and her boss was quite impressed with it and she asked me to work for her.
But moving to UK made me stop making clothes as before because I didn't have a place to go to every day and pick a nice fabric and just create something.

So for a while I used to do unique customized skirts and sell them on eBay. 
But I hate doing the same things all the time that's why I always need other options and choices. 
I believe I hate the routine and I move to an old job when I'm bored with one. 
Now you know a bit about me and I do hope to create my own collection one day and if that happens you will be the first to know. :)


  1. You're so talented! I love to make clothes, but I'm not even near of what you seem capable of doing, lovely corset, have so many beautiful details. And I hope you have your own line someday soon, I would love to see it! :D

    1. Thank you Bruna! :)
      And never underestimate yourself, it takes time but with patience we can achieve a lot. x

  2. And one more thing I forgot: you look beautiful as always! ;D

  3. girl, i love this jacket it's so beautiful!!! <3
    those pictures are so so so good! well done, well done. i really like this post.

  4. great pictures!love your work!keep going and create your clothes!

  5. hi simona!! i just foun your blog today and i love it! :) i'm your newest follower! love the pics! please check out my blog and follow me back :) hope u like it


  6. Jacket is gorge!



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