Sunday, 8 July 2012

Graffiti, polka dots and neon

Zara Basics white shirt and Faux Leather Bag
Topshop neon heels - similar here
Stradivarius polka dots jeans
Mixed Bracelets from Accessorize, River Island Men and New Look

Graffiti walls,  neutral tones and a touch of neon.

A few days ago I went with one of my friends to a terrace near the Bega river which crosses the centre of Timisoara and we managed to take some nice photos with some cool graffiti walls as background. We knew about these graffiti walls but most of them are near the road and it's hard to get there and take pictures.
These are the polka dots jeans that I got from Stradivarius the other day and talked about on my last post. 

I noticed that are lots of activities happening on the Bega right now comparing with last year and I must check them out. But it's too hot to do anything, too hot even for me, 37-38 degrees every day for the last 2 weeks, just a touch of rain for a couple of hours. :(

I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and I try to reply as soon as I can to all of them and a huge thanks to these 2 lovely bloggers to name me for these 2 awards!
Floral Today for the Versitile Blogger Award and to The Headless Stylist for the Liebster Award. x


  1. Love the pop of color you added with the shoes.

  2. your outfit looks amazing! i really like your style. this is so unique. you're pretty and your pictures are very profesional- magic!
    i adore this blog and i'm gonna follow you. come and say hi, i'm gonna visit you way often :)

  3. Those pumps r to die fe,and that wall,u are so lucky u found it.

  4. perfect outfit with perfect backround! i love sooooo much your third picture!

  5. Hello beautiful! A look fantastic, I liked it
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I follow you!



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