Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My kind of gold, wheat field

Awear gold & white sequin top
Vintage Renewal Distressed Levi’s Denim Shorts, cut offs via Urban Outfitters

I could hardly keep my eyes open in the sun that day, it was so bright and the field reflected even more light. 

This weekend I enjoyed the visit of a friend that I haven't seen since last year. We visited some really nice places but I wasn't in the mood to take any pics and too lazy after to even add these shots.
When you are too tired you don't feel like doing much, just lay down and rest and that's how I feel after this weekend.  I'm going to the gym today and that will put me back on track. :)


  1. this tshirt is really cool, so unique <3
    i wish i had one in my warderobe.
    honey, would you like to follow me back? I really care of your opinion.

  2. OMG!! Love you photos!! You looks so pretty!


  3. Bom dia! que demais haha
    adorei, beijo
    e bom final de semana (:

  4. love your outfit and your blog! would you like to follow each other?

  5. Really amazing outfit and pictures!!! Wonderful blog! :)

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  6. I love your photos, they're amazing! :D You look stunning!


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