Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tricking the denim

Zara basic white top
 Stadivarius denim look trousers (carrot, baggy)
 Diesel brown leather heels
 Topshop khaki bag and aztec print bracelet
French Connection Accessoriesicon denim cap ~ similar here at ASOS

When the time is running and the days go by you look behind and start to wonder what have you done today or yesterday? What memories you kept and will you remember them sometimes, or will they just go unnoticed like any other day...
And who will know all the laughs and energy behind the photos when the result is so serious, the movement within them and all the silly faces we pull when people passed by.
Does anyone have the gift to say how a person is feeling in the moment a photo is captured?
Or can you capture a piece of that emotion in a few colours placed on a wall to share it with everyone else exactly how it was when the finish hides it so well.. like that print on my trousers trying to fool you its... denim.
 Maybe a photo can say more than a thousand words and no matter how much you try to change the appearance it will always give you the exact feeling.
I know how I feel and how it was to be there, to see my mum's face laughing so hard and trying to stop myself and keep the make-up on my eyes. :)


  1. Love the pants, you look so pretty! :D

  2. Hi I hope you're having a great time this summer. Have a prize on my blog because I like yours, come to my blog to pick it up. Many kisses pretty:)

  3. tienes un estilazoo!! me encanta tu blog

  4. you look awesome. i love this look + your jeans looks very uniqe :3 well done!


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