Sunday, 28 October 2012

Simona Mar / Own design/ Linen dress with gold appliques

I'm wearing: A linen shift dress with large appliques that I made myself a few months ago, back in Romania
Topshop glitter sandals
Zara sequin clutch bag
Red nail polish by Rimmel 60 seconds, I love the brush on these, I use them a lot.
And I am not sure what lipstick I was using but I believe it was Rimmel London  in retro red

Get the look: 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Knit and sheer maxi skirt / Tan & blue

River Island knit
Mango A/W Collection 2012 maxi skirt
 Cuba shoes - Nelly
 French Connection Isla tote bagicon
BarryM nail paint 290 Spring green

These auto tweets from Chicisimo make me laugh, they sound like a 5 yrs old .. look at me I got a new flower!
I don't tweet that much, I'm not used to it, there might come a time when I will tweet more often.
Well you can tweet me at @BLOG_SimonaMar  if you want.

Get the look: same skirt and shoes but in different colour, bag and knit similar

Pom pom beanie hat / My second personality hat

River Island beanie pom pom hat and boots
Asos acid wash jeans
Topshop cardigan
Zara t-shirt
French Connection Isla tote bagicon

Fun and playful beanie hats take me back to childhood and pom poms make me smile just looking at them! :)

Update 2019: Nope that hat doesn't suit me! Omg where I was thinking.. I look like Oblio! 🤣

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Crazy layers and Ombre hair

Zara leather and lace dress, Khaki shirt, black knit top and Cowboy boots, Leather look leggings by Love Label, Black Rimmel 60 second nail polish

Photos from the other day, when it got a bit chilly and I added some layers on, not planned but I like the photos so why not share them.
I need to cut my hair a bit but I like the graduation and how it turns into "Ombre hair" by itself due to the sun. I always lose the colour during the summer and as I only dye my roots the ends look a lot lighter right now.  I had the intention of dyeing it myself a few months ago but now maybe I'll just feed it with colour to give it more shine. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tapestry jacket, Swiss dots and heavy embroidery

Tapestry jacket by Boohoo Boutique
Zara Swiss dots embroidered top
Zara wide leg jeans
Nelly heels

I used to admire my nan's old cross-stitched landscapes on the walls or the decorative tapestry displays but as a kid I never imagined them on a garment.

There is an old flavour about this jacket and I like the little touches like the pearl embellishment, quite cute and being my first purchase from I must say I'm pleased with it.
But there is something else that stole my heart.. I just fell for this Zara top when I saw the pretty Swiss dots and heavy floral embroidery. I can't get enough of it, I know.. I'm a sucker for hand made, heavy embellishments and embroidery, I must of mentioned it before. :)

Today is a lazy day for me.. its pouring outside, I hope it won't be like this the whole weekend, and I'm waiting for some snaps from ASOS, I can't wait to try them on.
Enjoy your weekend! Hugs

More tapestry:

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dark sea sides / Leather on leather

Zara leather and lace dress (recent)
Love Label leather look leggings
Zara cowboy ankle boots (recent)

I haven't planned to wear this dress with leggings, I was keen to try it with a pair of tattoo tights by Jonathan Aston but the dress turned out to be too long for me and the details would of been hidden away. 
Oh well I will wear them on another occasion. :)

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New in: Zara cowboy boots

Zara high heel cowboy ankle boots

I adore them and they are more comfortable than they look, but then again I'm not wearing flats so often. :)

My first weekly portrait

Nothing personal, no strings attached.. that's how I felt like raising this blog, but its more like a new pet and now I try to keep it at a distance and not show how I am but it's impossible to do so.
Before I started blogging I wasn't sure if I wanted to see pictures of me spread around, after doing it for few months and gained a bit of courage it feels natural.

I had an amazing time today on the sea front and took a ton of photos that I will share with you tomorrow.
Hugs x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blending in like a chameleon

Accessorize bangle, necklace, bracelets, feather earrings 
Glossi heels from a Mall in Bucharest, I haven't seen this brand anywhere else
Tunic/dress found in the market unknown brand

Pics from a few weeks back in Romania, a major change of style as you can see but the heat gets you crazy there and most of the time you can't layer even at late hours.  These photos make me feel like I blended in with the surroundings and hid like a chameleon.
I ware a lot of tunics with a crazy amount of accessories and I like how it can change a plain, banal piece of cloth into a cute outfit for a day out.

Get the look: Isabel Marant vs Zara

Isabel Marant Lazio Wedge Boots vs Zara leather hair wedge ankle boots here

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