Friday, 19 October 2012

Tapestry jacket, Swiss dots and heavy embroidery

Tapestry jacket by Boohoo Boutique
Zara Swiss dots embroidered top
Zara wide leg jeans
Nelly heels

I used to admire my nan's old cross-stitched landscapes on the walls or the decorative tapestry displays but as a kid I never imagined them on a garment.

There is an old flavour about this jacket and I like the little touches like the pearl embellishment, quite cute and being my first purchase from I must say I'm pleased with it.
But there is something else that stole my heart.. I just fell for this Zara top when I saw the pretty Swiss dots and heavy floral embroidery. I can't get enough of it, I know.. I'm a sucker for hand made, heavy embellishments and embroidery, I must of mentioned it before. :)

Today is a lazy day for me.. its pouring outside, I hope it won't be like this the whole weekend, and I'm waiting for some snaps from ASOS, I can't wait to try them on.
Enjoy your weekend! Hugs

More tapestry:


  1. Wow great jacket and top! They look great together too X

  2. that jacket is to die for,you look great:)

  3. Wow!fantastic jacket!you look great!

  4. This is such a beautiful romantic look - that tapestry jacket is stunning, the blouse is gorgeous and your hair looks lovely done up like that.

  5. Wow! I am crazy about this look! The jacket and the top are my favourite pieces of it! And your hairstyle is so perfect for it!


    Julia from

  6. Hello i found your blog when i was hunting fro tapestry jacket . May i know what size u order and if the jacket runs small . thanks

    1. Hi, I got a size 8, it doesn't run small at all, go with your size or even one size below if you want it to be fitted. I hope this helps you. :)

  7. Thank u so much . I m from Singapore. U are truly a fashionista and have amazing things on your page !

  8. one more question is this very thick ?

  9. Hi can I ask what size the top is please? Outfit looks amazing btw xx

  10. Hi can I ask what size the top is please? Outfit looks amazing btw xx


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