Tuesday, 9 October 2012

White on White

ASOS large flower anglais broderie corset - Also seen here
ASOS crochet pencil skirt
Topshop glitter silver-copper heels

White on white with a splash of red on my lips and nails like the cherries on a cake and  sprinkled with glitter on the heels.

That skirt must be my favourite purchase this summer! I'm not wearing high waisted pencil skirts that often but the crochet does the magic and gives the illusion of a mini showing some skin trough.
Gold was what I was searching for my feet to glam up but I found copper & silver instead with shiny glitter and I didn't need to break the bank which was a bonus.
I used to make glitter animations that fly all over the internet right now but never wore glitter until these heels, more fun in the flesh than a animated gif that's for sure.


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