Friday, 9 November 2012

Hunter Wellington rain boots / Sporty number print tee dress

Gina Tricot Anna tunic / tee dress with flocked number print, Hunter Regent (slim fit) Wellington boots in gloss black, River Island baseball cap with gold chain detail

Awhile ago I found a photo of a pair of denim shorts by Gina Tricot with cut out stars,  I blogged about them here and I was so disappointed when I found that I wasn't able to purchase them from the UK.
Now its a different story and great news to find a longer list for delivery added to their shop.
I got this long tee dress and joined again the craziness for sporty looks still on after the Olympics and a pair of shoes that I will post later today.
Yeah, I know.. sometimes I'm too busy and I don't post for weeks and other times, I get the blog fever and start the fire alarm with post by post. Sorry! :)


  1. great tunic! And I love rain boots! There is nothing more comfortable than good rain boots in the fall :)

  2. WOW Simona you look great and I love your shiny Wellingtons I think they look quite sexy.

  3. What a lovely outfit, you look adorable wearing your glossy Rubber Wellingtons, I want them.


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