Thursday, 29 October 2015

Prasiolite, green amethyst, crystal point necklace. Back in stock!

This is my favorite stone! 

Prasiolite helps to energetically link the physical aspects of the Human self with the spiritual aspects of Higher Self, activating the heart as one's center of conscious
Prasiolite brings the higher vibration energy of Divine though the heart and into the physical, 
Its energy works to strengthen your mind, emotions & will, and to attract prosperity. 
The energy resonates with healing and renewal. It physically bolsters the body in healing from surgery or physical wounds and helps to reconnect the lines of energy and promote proper energy flow. 

Prasiolite Meaning: 

Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst, is a very spiritual stone. Prasiolite assists in bringing spiritual ideals into expression in every day life.
Some uses of Prasiolite are:
  • Clears negativity
  • Fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honor
  • Ignites love and compassion in one's heart
  • Heals by closing the gap between the physical & spiritual
  • Attracts prosperity
  • Strengthens the emotions, the mind and the will
  • Protects the wearer from intoxication
  • Brings good fortune and luck

Monday, 26 October 2015

Lately on my Instagram.

From my Instagram, simonamar_

The 2 Layers Protective Necklace  with Smokey Quartz and Raw Black Tourmaline

My new hairstyle. Cheers Vali <3

And some antiques from a friend of mine Pepino

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